In case you’re sad here are some buns.

Next to cats, bunnies can help make everything seem so much better =)



* BUMP * We’re past £2,000 - but we still need another £1400! :o

Gonna keep reblogging and pushing this thing until we hit the target…!


12 more days, £1600 to go…12 more days, £1600 to go…12 more days, £1600 to go…!!!

Am I alone in thinking how a lot of animated shows nowadays tend to end nearly episode really abruptly? Like, no iris out, no outro theme, it’s just - CUT TO BLACK without warning. Your brain doesn’t entirely take in the punchline when that happens… 0_0;



Still open for commissions! If anyone is interested based on the art samples above, please drop me an email at cskartune@gmail.com with the subject title “Commissions”.

I also have the right to turn down a commission depending on circumstance or subject matter. ie; anything “Adult” is out.