12 more days, £1600 to go…12 more days, £1600 to go…12 more days, £1600 to go…!!!
Crazy Thought For Tonight

OK, so…I’ve a few friends who are currently rooting to get their campaigns noticed and each meeting their respective goals. They’re all artists - video directors, music composers, cartoonists - and while I’m happy to promote / support each of them as much as possible, I really want to do so much more.

So what I’m asking is this…I know it’s crazy, but I’m determined to try…

Would anyone from the “Brony” fan base be willing to donate to non-pony campaigns or fundraisers, given that there are as many of them as there are trees on this planet?

"What’s in it for me?" I hear you neigh.

Well, here’s the deal - for every £100 / $100 donated for each campaign, I will willingly draw any MLP:FiM character on request, whether from the show or your own fan fic creation…but I will only draw your requests if the campaign reaches its goal. If it fails, then drawing bets are off.

I don’t draw ponies all that much, but please take a look at my art gallery to get an idea of my art style.

So to start off…

STEAM LOCOS IN PROFILE DVD CAMPAIGN - 12 days left to raise another £1,600!

Again, I’m offering to draw for major donations for others than for myself. So if anyone in the “Brony” base is willing to help out, please make your donation first BEFORE contacting me at with the subject header “SLIPS DONATION”. I shall be watching the list of Funders there very carefully…all anonymous doners will be ignored.


Am I alone in thinking how a lot of animated shows nowadays tend to end nearly episode really abruptly? Like, no iris out, no outro theme, it’s just - CUT TO BLACK without warning. Your brain doesn’t entirely take in the punchline when that happens… 0_0;



Still open for commissions! If anyone is interested based on the art samples above, please drop me an email at with the subject title “Commissions”.

I also have the right to turn down a commission depending on circumstance or subject matter. ie; anything “Adult” is out.


Because I know that a few of you may have asked for this…

Because I know that a few of you may have asked for this…

photo TampP_HR-1_zps588a0fcf.gif photo TampP_HR-2_zpsaca72177.gif photo TampP_HR-3_zps92ca4fb2.gif photo TampP_HR-4_zps8f26e0f2.gif

I dare anyone not to smile at this…!